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KL Technologies

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Tech meets textiles

Based in Norfolk’s King’s Lynn but with offices around the world, KL Technologies is a group of manufacturing businesses servicing the textile and ceramics industries.

“Our technologies help produce a variety of consumer products,” says CEO Mark Littlewood. “From the shoes and clothes we wear, to the water we drink, the fabric and carpets in our homes, the toilets and shower basins we use – we supply key components of the technology that helps produce all of these products and more.”

“We focused on North America when growth was picking up after the downturn. Don’t fight the trends, work with them”

As an export-focused company operating in fairly traditional markets, Mark says it has been critical to focus on niche business where it has a clear technical advantage. With Europe in a prolonged period of low growth, Mark says he looked elsewhere.

“We doubled the size of our sales teams in Asia to look not only in China but South Korea, Japan and others,” he says. “We also focused more on North America where growth was picking up after the downturn. Don’t fight the trends, work with them.”

With funding for projects often hard to come by, KL Technologies looked to renewable energy projects for which it was more likely to get financial backing. The company installed a 200 foot 1.5 megawatt wind turbine and 6,000 solar panels, so that it could power its own site.

  • 6,000 – The number of solar panels at the company’s King’s Lynn site

“This has provided us with a stable energy price for the next 20 years, while adding to our low carbon and green credentials,” says Mark.

Looking ahead, he expects business as usual: “We have tripled our workforce in the past five years to 330 and I expect we will do the same again in the next five years.”