Company information

  • Sector: Manufacturing & Engineering
  • Region: South East England
  • Revenue: £10m to £20m
  • Website:

A frying success

A leading purveyor of some of the world’s finest and most innovative foodservice equipment products, Kent-based Jestic aims to be the UK’s sole distributor of the equipment it manufactures.

“We currently source products from the US and Europe and are constantly seeking quality and inspiration from around the world,” says Managing Director, Steve Loughton.

The company specialises in more than simply sales, however. “We have a 1,500 square foot demonstration and training kitchen used for menu development, customer training and product familiarisation,” says Steve. “We continually work to develop our field sales team, service engineers and colleagues in terms of their skill sets and attitude to customer care.”

“We’re constantly seeking quality and inspiration from around the world”

What’s more, the company has become a specialist in fashionable open-plan food preparation equipment.

“These products allow the customer to be immersed in the theatre and essence of the cooking process,” Steve explains. “With much of the equipment in our range being designed with customer visibility in mind, we’ve been in a position to work directly with kitchen designers and restaurateurs looking to install this equipment for many years.”

  • 2005 – The year Jestic was established

Jestic’s growth is certainly impressive and Steve says current trends look encouraging.

“A drive towards open plan kitchens and better quality equipment, and a growing desire to be more sustainable, use less energy and create less waste is a great opportunity for our future growth.”