Company information

  • Website: www.iguarivarius.pt
  • Sector: Food & Drink
  • Country: Portugal
  • Revenue: €50M to €75M

Trading in taste

People in Portugal take food seriously – which is why countries all over the world import their goods. And thanks to Iguarivarius, it’s never been easier for Portuguese companies to export their delicious wares. “We’re known as the biggest trader in the food market,” explains Alexandre Cavalleri, CEO at Iguarivarius – or IGV as it’s also known. “We are responsible for the export and internationalisation of dozens of companies.”

Iguarivarius works with 36 different countries in total – including Venezuela, Israel, France, Ireland, Poland and Hong Kong. Its mission, Alexandre says, is: “To enable Portuguese companies to put their products anywhere in the world in the most efficient way.”

“We connect buyers and sellers, meeting all their needs to create a win-win situation”

As well as helping firms export food and drink products, IGV provides services in metallurgy and metal-mechanics, information systems and technologies, export consulting, paint manufacturing and even events.

“It’s simple: we connect buyers and sellers, meeting all their needs in order to create a win-win situation,” says Alexandre. “We consider our success to be attributable to the transparent way we conduct business.”

Alexandre believes this approach has helped the business survive the deep crises in Portugal, but concedes that developing IGV during the recent economic hard times has been very challenging. “The creation and development of a new company in this tough period of international economic and financial crises, which has been affecting the EU and specifically Portugal was, and still is, a big challenge,” he says.

As the EU recovers, the next five years are all about growth for IGV. Alexandre expects the business to not just develop, but to diversify even further: “We must diversify in order to increase shareholders’ value.”

  • 36 – The number of countries around the world to which IGV exports Portuguese food

To do so, plans are in place to consolidate IGV’s internal structure by hiring several new workers, with a view to doubling the workforce by 2050. “The first two years of Iguarivarius were difficult,” recalls Alexandre. “Nevertheless, the persistence in following a certain business model has the given us the results and success we enjoy today.”