Company information

  • Sector: Food & Drink
  • Region: South East
  • Revenue: £10m to £20m
  • Website: www.higgidy.co.uk

Easy as pie

Higgidy has become a familiar brand in many supermarkets, known for its delicious home-made pies, quiches and sausage rolls.

“We make everything from scratch using ingredients you would use in your kitchen at home,” says Founder Camilla Stephens. 

The secret to the company’s achievements is an “uncompromising commitment to quality,” says Camilla, “as well as a bravery in trying out new ideas and flavours and bringing them to the market.”

“People are looking for a bit more from their food and Higgidy’s focus on putting ‘heart into the food and soul into the business’ means that we produce goods in a way that produces good in the world.”

"We produce goods in a way that produces good in the world"

The company uses no hydrogenated fats and avoids many of the chemicals used by other manufacturers to increase shelf life.

Camilla says there are relatively few very powerful customers in the grocery industry, so it is crucial to understand what makes them tick.

“In our case, it’s about providing something to their categories that their own-label suppliers can’t,” she says. “And making sure that you turn that USP into incremental business for them.”

  • £12m – Higgidy’s annual turnover for 2015

As for the future, Higgidy has big plans.

“We are aiming to grow by almost 200%, extending the business in existing categories but also stretching to some adjacent categories where consumers are giving us permission to operate,” says Camilla.

“To do that we need to strengthen the team, so we will be adding another 200 jobs over the next five years.”