Company information

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  • Sector: Wireless antennae
  • Country: Spain
  • Revenue: €20M to €30M

Get better connected

The market for connected devices is changing at a dizzying rate. New technologies demand ever more sophisticated connectivity, whether it be biometric contraptions, smartphones or health apparatuses used by hospitals to monitor patients. Spanish company Fractus helps them connect. It is a world leader in the research and design of optimised antennae for wireless devices, and has licensed its technology to manufacturers across the world – Europe, the US and Asia.

“Being able to defend our intellectual property and license our technology has been fundamental for us”

“We own a valuable and growing patent portfolio with broad licensing potential,” says Ruben Bonet, CEO of the company, which has signed licensing deals with a range of global brands, including Samsung, LG, Motorola, HTC, Sanyo and Blackberry. Key to its success, he says, is its understanding of the patent system, which has been helped along by its specialist knowledge in intellectual property rights licensing. “Being able to defend our intellectual property and license our technology to help society evolve has been fundamental for us,” says Ruben.

Part of Fractus’s unique approach is its awareness of the changing demands of different wireless markets, whether they be already established and dominant, or still in the nascent stages of connectivity. Moreover, it has expanded its business model from initially only producing antennae to licensing its patents and technology to third parties.

  • 50+ – Number of inventions Fractus holds in its Intellectual Property Rights portfolio

“The wireless connectivity requirements of today’s connected world have been the biggest opportunities for our company,” says Ruben, under whose watch Fractus has pioneered the use of geometry-based antenna design and development.

The company has invested heavily in research and design and is home to a highly qualified employee base, among which are people who have spent decades in the field. In a sector where demand is set to grow and grow over the coming decades, manufacturers will want the innovation that companies with a proven track record like Fractus can offer. “The antenna technology can enable the ever-smarter and more connected tomorrow,” Ruben says.