Food & drink

Food & drink

Growing appetites

An insatiable appetite for the artisan, the alternative and the adventurous is helping feed the success of the UK’s food and drink industry, a key ingredient in the nation’s economic prosperity.

The UK’s food and drink sector is the largest single manufacturing sector in the UK, with a turnover of around £100bn. Whisky is its single biggest export but the sector has a hugely diverse number of enterprises that are finding niches and serving new, evolving consumer tastes and demands. The companies featured here have identified these trends and are exceeding expectations with quality, customer care and innovative thinking.

Sector at a glance

  • £21.5 billion – The value of food and drink companies to the UK economy
  • 6,360 – The number of small food and drink businesses in Britain
  • 3-4% – The predicted yearly growth of the food manufacturing and processing industry in the UK

The economies of scale

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Chapel Down’s employees are devoted to bringing English still and sparkling wine to the masses.
The independent pub, bar and restaurant group runs ten large, busy central London venues, as well as one in Suffolk.
Higgidy pies, quiches and sausage rolls are now firm favourites on British dining tables.
Japan Centre aims to capitalise on the growing interest in Japanese food and culture in the US.