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Speed is of the essence

We live in the information age, in which inordinate amounts of data zip round the planet every second, from continent to continent, office to office. But it comes with risks – not least the potential for information to go missing or be stolen. That’s why companies that handle sensitive data, whether customer details or state secrets, require stringent protective barriers that keep out unwelcome eyes. 

Fileminders has been Cyprus’ leading provider of data protection and information management solutions for some time, providing businesses with the capability to reduce risks and optimise business processes whilst ensuring profits continue to rise.

“Our key success factors are our people, our cutting edge infrastructure and our robust strategic business partnerships”

“We operate an unrivalled infrastructure comprising three state-of-the-art facilities, including two data processing centres, two mobile shredders and a fleet of vehicles,” says Marios Xenophontos, CEO of the company. “Our key success factors, since our year of establishment, are our people, our cutting edge infrastructure and our robust strategic business partnerships.”

To this end, Fileminders has forged partnerships with some of the industry’s leading names, including M-Files and Intralinks, and Marios believes that market demand could provide opportunities for growth over the next five years, buoyed by gradual expansion outside of Cyprus.

It’s a bold vision, but it doesn’t stop there. “Our industry is gradually moving into the digital space, trying to cover the gap between physical and digital information management,” says Marios. “Anticipating this trend, Fileminders develops and promotes new solutions to help clients simplify their data management processes.”

  • 500+ ­– The number of clients Fileminders have had over the 12 years they have been in business

Marios believes that speed in operation is a critical factor nowadays – unless you can keep pace with the developments in technology, then your business will quickly die. Fileminders feels equipped not only to maintain its current trajectory, but perhaps even outpace its rivals. “We are ideally placed to service this growing trend by leveraging our big client base and the trust we enjoy from our long-term relations.”