Bucking the trend

There is healthy demand for British goods in Europe – the UK’s biggest export market – and the world’s emerging markets, where a growing middle class hankers after Brand Britain.

Britain’s share of the world export market was tempered during the financial crisis, but there are signs that demand for UK services is on the up. Moving Britain to a more export-oriented economy will be a long play, but the rewards are plentiful. And while, generally speaking, exports of Britain’s services have performed better than exports of the nation’s goods, there are dynamic companies swimming upstream to challenge the world leaders.

Sector at a glance

  • £42.7 billion – The value of British total exports in September 2015, a 1.3% increase from August
  • 40% – The proportion of uk exports made up of Machinery and transport equipment
  • 262% – The increase in UK car sales to Asia between 2009 and 2014

Supporting UK companies to export

> Read what The Rt Hon Lord Maude of Horsham, Minister of state for Trade and Investment, has to say about the current Exports industry

Founded 120 years ago, BenRiach now owns three single malt Scotch whisky distilleries.
CDE Global is among the world leaders in washing plant equipment, as well as mining and mineral processing.
Innovative Technology is meeting the increasing demand for automated cash handling devices.
One of the UK’s leading suppliers of electrical products to the oil, gas, petrochemical, power and renewable energy sectors.
Ralawise is Europe’s fastest-growing online B2B clothing, homeware and accessories distributor.