Company information

  • Website: www.exosun.fr
  • Sector: Energy
  • Country: France
  • Revenue: €20M to €30M

Sun seekers

Headquartered in Bordeaux, France – but with a growing international scope – Exosun specialises in building reliable solar tracking devices for photovoltaic (PV) plants.

These motorised devices, which can increase the responsiveness of PV panels to the sun by up to 25%, were developed in response to a surging demand for renewables; a clean energy boom that’s driven by rising concerns over the security of future energy reserves.

“We launched our solar trackers on the booming ground-mounted PV plant market,” explains Exosun VP Strategy and co-founder, Jean-Noël de Charentenay. “Exosun is now considered as the go-to method for achieving a better energy harvest and a better return on investment.”

The company initially met with success on home soil after it designed, developed and built the first PV plant in France, in 2008. It has since equipped 22 plants in France, becoming the market leader.

“Exosun is considered the go-to method for achieving a better energy harvest”

And with plans to add to the seven plants it has already established internationally, Exosun is showing no sign of slowing its growth. But how did the company manage to meet this demand so effectively and how will it continue to do so against the inevitable competition? “Our solar trackers are engineered in France with the objective of reducing overall costs,” explains Jean-Noël. “This allows us to offer our clients a cost-effective, robust and high-quality product, adaptable to all environments.”

Innovation extends far into the company culture, as Exosun maintains agility in its approach to client relationships, partnering beyond purchase to offer ongoing technical services. These range from plant design, to tracker commission, operation and maintenance. The company’s greatest asset is its carefully nurtured, agile and efficient supply chain, which ensures the timely delivery of solar trackers on PV plants worldwide.

  • 25%  The amount by which tracking devices can increase responsiveness of solar panels to the sun

A third fund raised around €12m in 2012, consolidating a phase of rapid growth for Exosun. And with the proportion of large-scale PV plants equipped with solar trackers expected to increase from 20% to 50% in a matter of years, that success is set to continue.