ETM Group

ETM Group

Company information

  • Sector: Food & Drink
  • Region: Greater London
  • Revenue: £10m to £20m
  • Website:

Attention to detail

ETM Group is a leading independent London pub, bar and restaurant group. It runs ten large, busy central London venues, including The Botanist in Sloane Square and The Jugged Hare on Chiswell Street, as well as one outside of London, The Six Bells in Suffolk.

 “Our success has really been down to attention to detail and a willingness to look at any opportunity, big or small,” say Founders and brothers Ed and Tom Martin.

But the capital’s expansion is certainly helping. “London’s growth continues to deliver massive construction projects and therefore new venues for retail, food and beverages,” says Tom.

“Our success has been down to a willingness to look at any opportunity, big or small”

“We are debt-funded and the low cost of money has also allowed us to grow steadily without requiring external investment.”

The company faced a tough time during the recession in 2008 and HBoS pulled its funding, causing it to lose two major sites – the brothers say it put the company back at least two years.

“We overcame the problem by moving across to Lloyds, who have been very supportive and we have opened a new venue every year thanks to good cash flow and support from them,” says Ed.

  • 11 venues – ETM Group boasts ten central London locations and one in the Suffolk countryside

The company is aiming high as London continues to prosper.

“We plan to treble our business over the next five years by investing in large prime central London sites,” says Tom. “Our pipeline is looking good and we are confident we will achieve this. We will also double our workforce in this time.”

However, the duo see issues lying ahead when it comes to staffing.

“The industry is becoming more competitive and there will be a shortage of property for good sites and staffing shortages will be a major problem in the near future, especially if immigration is reduced,” says Ed.