Company information

  • Website: www.eolo.it
  • Sector: IT Technology
  • Country: Italy
  • Revenue: €40M to €50M

Going where others fear to tread

EOLO is a fixed wireless broadband operator like no other. “We developed our own wireless network and are independent from other operators, so we have full control over the performance of our services,” explains CEO and President, Luca Spada. “This makes us unique in the market and enables us to provide high-speed internet in areas where other operators are not present.”
As a result, EOLO provides internet connectivity to 13 regions of northern and central Italy for more than 5,100 municipalities, with services up to 30mbps for the home/consumer market and up to 1gbps for its enterprise customers.

“We’ve been growing steadily year on year since our foundation,” says Luca. “Growth in revenue over the past three years has been between 25% and 30% every year, maintaining a healthy 30% EBITDA.”

  • 5,100 – The number of municipalities in Italy for which EOLO provides internet connectivity

This success has largely stemmed from EOLO’s strategy to connect areas of Italy hitherto not connected. The operator targets areas excluded by the mainstream broadband networks known as ‘digital divides’. “We built our own wireless broadband network delivering high-speed internet connection to these places,” explains Luca.

“We invest a lot in research and intellectual property and have developed proprietary technologies and network solutions for the best performance. Right now we are in the process of patenting our own hardware devices. Most of the recently hired staff are employed in technical departments.”

EOLO’s five-year plan is to become a major telecoms player with a national standing. This will require a larger workforce and an even greater focus on research and development. “New technologies are changing our life everyday. More activities are becoming digital. These are huge opportunities!” says Luca.