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  • Sector: Manufacturing
  • Country: Denmark
  • Revenue: €50M to €75M

All hands to the pumpsBased in Denmark, DESMI is a global manufacturer of pumps and systems for liquid handling, ballast water treatment and equipment for oil spill response. "Our sales focus is concentrated through our segment structure towards marine and offshore, industry, oil spill response, utility, and defence and fuel," explains Henrik Sørensen, CEO at DESMI.

"We aim to strengthen our customers’ operations and to do so, we need to be close to our customers, understand their business and support them with the best suitable solution at the lowest lifecycle cost possible."

"To strengthen our customers’ operations, we need to understand their business and support them"

Henrik Sørensen, Chief Executive Officer, DESMI

Evidently, this sales focus is working. DESMI has enjoyed a compound annual growth rate of 11% in the past few years – despite the recent turbulent period. Henrik puts much of this success down to the firm’s decision, in 2005, to globalise the company. "We decided on a strategy for growth through globalisation and we also decided to establish a production facility in China, in order to increase competitiveness and to be close to the marine market in Asia," he explains.

The firm now has 29 sales representations across 16 different countries and has progressed from a local supplier to a truly global one. DESMI’s basic product offering, however, remains "more or less the same" across all segments, though tailored to meet specific situations and customers’ needs.

"This is an opportunity to bring our products to another market segment by focusing on special needs within the segment and dedicated promotion," says Henrik. "In this way, we have established a strong sale to the defence industry, while we are also building up our utility segment."

  • 16 – The number of countries in which DESMI operates

The future looks very bright for DESMI. The firm remains on track to continue its success, and is targeting a 100% increase in its workforce by 2021. "We are updating our Next Level 2 strategy and hope it will continue to bring organic growth. We have also prepared our segment management structures to handle further development of the business," concludes Henrik.