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  • Sector: Healthcare
  • Country: Spain
  • Revenue: €100M to €150M

The whole tooth

In 2011, Dentix launched with just seven clinics in Madrid. The company then went big – very big. By the close of 2015, it had dentistry clinics not just in Spain, but in Italy, Colombia and Mexico. Revenue soared from just €3m in its first year to €270m last year, an increase of 9,000%.

That level of growth is nothing short of astonishing, and came about in large part because the company taps into a service that is in high demand all over the world. “We have made dentistry available worldwide through an international network of clinics that provide patients anywhere with services and materials of the highest quality at the lowest possible cost,” says Ángel Lorenzo, CEO of the company, which bills itself as ‘the new dentistry’.

“Our clinics provide services and materials of the highest quality at the lowest possible cost”

Key to its rapid rise has been an emphasis on intensive marketing of its brand. In the first semester of 2015 Dentix spent more on advertising than any other company in Spain. The resulting exposure has ensured a high frequency of new customers, who in turn report a high satisfaction rate – 8.2 out of 10, according to a recent independent audit.

Soon the company will add Chile, Peru and the United Kingdom to the list of countries where it operates. For the latter, five clinics will be set up in 2016, and 40 the following year. Germany and Canada may follow.

  • 9,000% – Growth in Dentix’s revenue over the four years between its launch in 2011 and last year

The future for Dentix looks rosy. By 2019 it aims to have continued its growth and to be present in major countries around the world. It prides itself on dedication to its customer base above all else, with each clinic employing up to 20 staff, way above the average in the dentistry world. It appears set to take on the world, and the figures alone testify to this.

“At the end of 2015 the company had more than 3,500 employees,” says Ángel. This is set to rise dramatically. “The forecast for 2019 is more than 15,000 worldwide.”