Creative industries

Creative industries

Personal touch

World-beating excellence in design, film, music, advertising and more makes the UK a leading global hub for the creative industries.

Britain punches above its weight in the creative sector. It has the fastest-growing proportion of workers in the industry in Europe*. A total of 9.5% of workers in the UK economy are classed as creative, everyone from designers to artists, marketers to entertainment specialists. As creative jobs are more immune to automation than other sectors, foster a wealth of emerging talent and can help meet the rising demand for a more personalised experience, the industry is forecast to grow strongly.

Sector at a glance

  • £76.9 billion – The sector’s yearly contribution to the UK economy
  • One in 11 – UK jobs are provided by the creative industry
  • £49 million – The value of the creative sector services exported from the UK every day

Getting to the root of what business is

> Read what Simon Walker, Director General of the Institute of Directors, has to say about perceiving business in more human terms

Conceived in tough economic times, Amplify has thrived with its fresh approach to connecting clients and customers.
A focus on comfort and smaller, more intimate venues is one of Everyman cinema’s unique selling points.
London-based creative studio Framestore was responsible for CG effects in blockbuster hits The Martian and Gravity.
This events and communications company has delivered brand events for clients such as Intel and Blue Coat.
A single digital ad produced by Talon can reach thousands of passers-by at a humble bus stop.