CDE Global

CDE Global

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  • Sector: Construction & Mining
  • Region: Northern Ireland
  • Revenue: £30m to £40m
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In the wash

Industrial cleaning might not be the first thing you think of when you imagine the construction and mining sectors. But CDE Global has taken industrial cleaning to a new level, and is now among the world leaders in washing plant equipment, as well as mining and mineral processing.

Among other services, CDE Global designs and manufactures machinery to maximise value from natural resources and building materials. It does this by using state-of-the art technology and innovation to clean and purify its materials to the highest quality, while ensuring minimal waste.

“Our company culture fosters an innovative spirit and this is the foundation stone for all of the success we have enjoyed”

Brendan McGurgan, Managing Director, CDE Global

The equipment it makes is used for a vast number of specialised tasks, from producing sand and aggregates for the construction industry and specialist sands for glass making, to the processing of iron ore to improve the efficiency of mines. It also helps recycle a range of materials including demolition waste and even road sweepings.

It uses high-tech know-how to design machines that clean and separate out impurities from recycled waste or mined materials to ensure that as little valuable resource is wasted as possible.

Managing Director Brendan McGurgan says the company’s success is down to constant innovation and smart technology.

“Our company culture fosters an innovative spirit and this is the foundation stone for all of the success we have enjoyed.

“We have always been committed to the development of new processing systems for our customers and also look to other sectors where our knowledge and expertise can enhance efficiencies.”

  • 6m – The number of tonnes of construction and demolition waste CDE recycled in 2015

For CDE, the global slowdown gave the company the opportunity for change.

“Our business was overly reliant on the construction sector and we subsequently changed our approach to look at new sectors,” says Brendan.

The next five years is set to be an exciting period of further development through the growth of its regional support networks.

“We will be increasing staff both in our global headquarters in Northern Ireland and across the world in our regional offices,” says Brendan.