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In an age in which more people are travelling greater distances than ever before, there has been a growing emphasis on finding ways to lessen the burden of travel on both the individual and the environment. It’s part of what Nicolas Brusson, COO and co-founder of BlaBlaCar, refers to as the shift towards a shared economy, and few recent developments epitomise this more than the rise of ridesharing, otherwise known as carpooling. Quite simply, this is the sharing of a car journey by a bunch of strangers. BlaBlaCar is the world’s leading long-distance ridesharing platform, operating in 22 countries and boasting around 30 million users, and is driven by a desire to see greater collaboration among the world’s citizens.

“The platform is engineered to create a secure, trust-based community”

Nicolas Brusson, COO and co-founder, BlaBlaCar

Through BlaBlaCar’s website and mobile app, drivers can offer empty seats in their cars to passengers heading the same way. They travel together and split the costs of the journey. “Each passenger makes a fair contribution for their seat and drivers cover their fuel and toll costs without making a profit,” Nicolas says. “The platform is engineered to create a secure, trust-based community with declared identities and full member profiles.”

The move towards a shared global economy has been accompanied by a behavioural shift that, according to Nicolas, is seeing people beginning to favour usage over ownership, especially of costly goods. BlaBlaCar capitalises on this, enabling individuals to optimise their resources and lessen the increasing costs of long-distance travel.

  • 22 – The number of countries in which BlaBlaCar operates, servicing around 30 million users

And finally, it comes with a unique addition designed to alleviate any concern from the driver that the passenger they invite along will be an incessant chatterbox. “Members can even specify how chatty they are in their profile, from ‘Bla’ to ‘BlaBlaBla’, hence the name BlaBlaCar,” he says. And in doing so, an otherwise arduous journey becomes much more pleasant for all.