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  • Sector: Interior construction
  • Country: Ireland
  • Revenue: €40M to €50M

Improving the workspace

A bleak workspace will do nothing for productivity. Companies are now investing more in their offices – their look, their feel and their mood – in the realisation that a positive working environment yields results that far outweigh the costs of an office refit. Ardmac, based in Ireland, was preaching that message long before it worked its way into mainstream thinking. Founded in 1977, it has been delivering high quality working environments for global brands across the commercial, retail, education, health and industrial sectors.

"This involves turnkey design and build from inception to completion, interior fit out and cleanroom construction," says Ronan Quinn, CEO of the company, which has become a leading player in the industry in Europe.

"We developed within the lines of business that we are experts in"

The interiors it develops are inviting. Ardmac’s designers know the importance of light and of space; of how layout and infrastructure impacts on company results. And their success is reflected in the numbers: for 2016 it has a target to further grow the business and employ 281 staff. And it operates across Europe in a variety of challenging market segments. "We developed within the lines of business that we are experts in and knew not to deviate into other sectors," Ronan says. Instead they sought to continually push into new markets. "We expanded business into other countries in Europe like Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg, looking at larger projects over a longer period."

  • 281 – Number of staff Ardmac is aiming to employ by the end of 2016

The construction industry in the UK is going through a digital revolution that utilises building information modelling (BIM) to generate digital representations of physical and functional features of buildings. "Ardmac is uniquely positioned as an early adopter of this technology and computer animation simulation," he says, adding that the method ticks all the necessary boxes – it optimises communication, improves quality, minimises risk and ensures high levels of efficiency.

"Ardmac have always sought to employ the best people and strive, through our processes and market intelligence, to deliver the best result for our customers," Ronan says. "That is what we continue to do today."