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Joining the dots

Amplify’s story is an excellent example of how great marketers personalise their messaging to create ‘emotional experiences’ that resonate between brands and consumers. Or, as founder Jonathan Emmins puts it: “Joining the dots between people, brands and culture.”

Formed amid the rubble of the global financial crisis, Amplify was conceived in tough economic times but has thrived with its fresh approach to connecting clients and customers.

“We put the audience at the heart of everything we do. We start with real people, not demographics”

Jonathan Emmins, CEO, Amplify

“Companies were asking more questions and looking for something new during the recession, so that worked for us,” says Jonathan. “We put the audience at the heart of everything we do. We start with real people, not demographics. By engaging with culture that people identify with, we manage to bring brands and audiences together on a genuine and emotional level.”

Its Lexus campaign featuring music icon, is a good example, capitalising on the adoration of his fan base to help more potential consumers connect with Lexus in a surprisingly powerful way. Playstation, innocent and Converse are among its other key clients. 

“We build authentic and meaningful connections. Consumers are searching for brands that share their beliefs and values, so when we tap into that we can create campaigns that make a real impact,” says Jonathan.

  • 280 – The number of partners within the agency’s network, ensuring focused expertise and bespoke campaigns

He also puts the company’s success down to a strong sense of collaboration. “We’re focused on creating an environment where teams and brands do their best work together,” he says. “An agency is only as good as the talented individuals that choose to call it home.”

So what of the challenges facing the notoriously competitive advertising industry?

“Audiences are constantly changing,” says Jonathan. “The challenges are in making sure we know what’s authentic and rings true with customers – luckily, our teams love and consume as much culture as possible. We have a network of over 280 partners, which means we can always call on passionate experts.”