Digital revolution

One of the biggest quandaries facing companies today is how to connect with consumers effectively in the digital age. Friday helps organisations tackle that challenge head-on.

It designs and builds digital products and services such as websites, tools and applications for companies and adapts their platforms, systems and infrastructure to heighten the digital experience for their customers. “Digital creates constant and threatening turbulence for organisations,” explains Friday CEO Alex Wright. “Customers bring new expectations to any digital service experience – things like precise control, immediacy, ubiquity, responsiveness – and use them as selection criteria. For us, this turbulence is normal, familiar and brimming with opportunity.” 

  • Friday has grown its workforce by 50% over the past two years

Alex claims the two most important contributors to the company’s success have been the quality of its people and the clarity and authenticity of its purpose. The company has grown its workforce by 50% over the past two years. It anticipates more than 200% growth in the number of its employees over the next five years and plans to add offices in North America and Asia to better serve its global client base.