In-demand digital

In the past decade, the advertising and marketing industry has experienced a seismic shift towards digital. One of the companies at the forefront of this change is Essence, a global digital marketing agency and the world’s largest independent buyer of digital media. Starting out with a small team in London in 2005, Essence now employs 500 people in six offices across three continents. 

Founding Partner and Executive Chairman Matt Isaacs reveals that the economic recession actually benefited the business: “After the 2008 crash, companies put their advertising budgets under more scrutiny and looked for areas that could deliver greater accountability. Essence benefited as digital advertising gained a greater share of total advertising and we grew our share within digital.”

  • 500 people are employed by Essence in six offices spread across three continents

It’s not all plain sailing, though, as the speed and dynamism of the sector throws up its own challenges. “We operate in a complex market where new industry influencers and technologies emerge every year,” explains Matt. “However, as we’ve built our business from scratch in the past ten years, we have no legacy from before digital marketing became important. We’ve built a team of experts and created a culture that produces innovative work.”

Looking to the future of the industry, Matt echoes other digital entrepreneurs in his concern for the shortage of talent: “The UK should boost its digital competitiveness by investing in access to training in specialist skill areas such as technologists, user experience designers, analysts and more.”