Powering ahead

Camlin is a technology company that designs, manufactures and provides solutions to the global energy and transport sectors. 

These solutions include asset management equipment for power transformers; sophisticated software for monitoring electrical networks; automation systems for rail signalling networks; and fault location and management for underground low voltage networks. 

In such a complex and technical market, a dedicated focus on the specific requirements of customers is crucial, says John Cunningham, Chairman and CEO. “This, allied to deep technical expertise in key areas, allows Camlin to create unique solutions that meet real needs,” he explains. “A close-knit management team with a clear idea of the company vision allows decisions to be made relatively quickly and helps keep Camlin ahead of the curve.” Staying one step ahead relies on technical know-how, which is wide-ranging – spanning electronics to laser physics and partial discharge monitoring to infra-red photo-acoustic spectroscopy. Recruiting such expertise has been a significant challenge for the company as it has grown, but the opening of new technical centres of excellence around the world has helped.

  • Camlin’s workforce is projected to grow by up to 80% in the next five years

Looking ahead, John plans to maintain aggressive growth plans, in terms of revenue, profit and scope, and expects Camlin’s workforce to grow by approximately 50% to 80% in the next five years. “Scope will increase with technology, facilitating expansion into multiple new industry sectors,” he says, adding that the growth in personnel will be spread across numerous global locations and include frontline commercial staff, research and development, and manufacturing.