Growth off the charts

Demand for geospatial data about the world we live in is growing fast and Cambridge-based 1Spatial is at the forefront of this field. The company provides software and services to users and creators of the largest authoritative geospatial databases globally, helping them to collect, manage, plan, maintain, publish and interpret location-specific information.

1Spatial’s diverse client list spans a wide range of industry sectors, including transport, insurance and defence, as well as national mapping authorities, utilities and land-management companies.

“The strength of our solutions and intellectual property, combined with the capability of our people to keep innovating and advancing our offerings, are key to the success of the business,” says CEO Marcus Hanke. “Clients continually challenge convention and we produce innovative solutions that utilise our core IP to deliver off-the-shelf software solutions. With an ever-increasing reliance on spatial and location-critical data, demand for our expertise has never been greater.”

  • $10.6bn – The forecast for the global geospatial technology market in 2015

In an economic environment where clients “increasingly have to do more with less”, 1Spatial has responded by bringing new products to market that are more efficient and effective than their predecessors and that reduce both capital expenditure and operating costs.

Marcus remains optimistic about the future, however, as the global geospatial technology market is forecast to hit $10.6bn in 2015 and associated markets, such as utilities and smart cities, are also booming. “As the reliance on authoritative geospatial data grows and underpins the security and safety of nations, a strong growth pattern for our industry emerges for the future,” he says.