GP Bullhound

GP Bullhound

A bullish outlook

Digital start-ups in the UK are thriving and the nation’s digital economy is the fastest-growing in the G20. 

Dealmaker GP Bullhound has its eye on the most promising of these tech companies and advises both them and their shareholders on how to create value by strategic dealmaking – either through raising money or mergers and acquisitions.

According to Co-founder and Managing Partner Hugh Campbell, the last five years have seen the company benefit from the shift away from large investment banks. “Emerging technology companies are now looking for advice on how to fund their fast-growing businesses from smaller and more specialist firms like GP Bullhound,” he says.

  • The UK has the fastest-growing digital economy in the G20

This growth, however, has also brought its own challenges and opportunities. “As an advisory business we are exposed to the fluctuations of investor sentiment, which affects our ability to take a long-term view (three to five years) on how our revenues will develop with a high degree of certainty,” he says. “To balance this out, we created an asset management business to establish a more recurring revenue stream and capitalise on the fact that we advise some great companies, which will create vast shareholder value in the future.”  

For a small business starting out, knowing your target market and making sure your offer fulfils a clear need in the market are crucial. Hugh says: “Once you have that, put all of your efforts into making that service and/or product the best in the market, as you only get one chance to make your mark.”