Global Prime Partners

Global Prime Partners

Success through caution

Global Prime Partners (GPP) provides institutional-strength services to start-up and emerging hedge funds. These funds, due to their small amounts of capital, are not usually welcomed or serviced by the big-name, bulge-bracket banks. That’s where GPP comes in.

GPP provides trade-execution, margin-financing and stock-lending services to these small-funds businesses. It also provides capital introduction and consultancy services for all other aspects of doing business in the hedge fund sector.

Since GPP was founded in 2009, there has been a notable increase in its small AUM (assets under management) client base. This is reflected in the start-up hedge fund segment more widely. With smaller amounts of capital being invested in these start-ups, they fall below the minimum thresholds of the larger banks, which won’t take them on as clients. GPP has prospered as a result, growing from six to 65 people since its foundation. It expects a further 200% to 300% growth in employee headcount by 2020, barring any unforeseen obstacles, with an additional focus on automation.

  • GPP expects 200% to 300% growth in employee headcount by 2020

“The biggest challenges we have had have been the regulatory changes being rolled out that affect our industry,” explains GPP CEO Julian Parker. “So far, those changes have affected the big banks more than us little firms, as the big banks have much bigger risk due to the size of their clients and the lending that they provide.”

GPP is prepared for a big upswing in business as investors start to come back to the sector generally. Julian says: “This will allow us to service larger funds that could get into bigger banks, but prefer our boutique, personalised service.”