Reaping the benefits

It’s one thing to offer employee benefits such as health insurance and pensions but quite another to generate interest in them. Step forward Southampton-based Benefex. It offers not only benefits platforms but also employee engagement and communication programmes that help organisations to unleash the power of their people.

“Our success comes from focusing on our culture, continual investment in our people and exceptional technology,” says Founder and CEO Matt Macri-Waller. “We have grown the business in tough economic conditions by focusing on delivering innovation and value to every single client.”

“Talent comes from everywhere and we should be teaching the foundations of how businesses work in schools”

Matt Macri-Waller, Founder and CEO, Benefex

Some communication tools that Benefex has used recently include scratch cards, online interactive quizzes, social media platforms and branded merchandise. Matt adds: “Our market is developing rapidly in the UK and internationally. We are focused on disrupting the HR technology market and therefore continuing to aggressively grow is a core part of our strategy. The number one challenge is getting the right talent into our business at the right time. Through growth, constant change and innovation, we spend a significant amount of time finding the right people to help us maintain the pace.”

Matt would like to see the government boost Britain’s competitiveness by removing obstacles to conducting business and doing more to recognise and celebrate success. He also believes that more should be done to educate people commercially before they enter the world of work. “Talent comes from everywhere and we should be teaching the foundations of how businesses work in schools, alongside technical skills such as coding,” he says.