LEI Data Management Tool

LEI Data Management Tool

Short video of the functionality and purpose

UnaVista is an approved local operating unit (LOU) on behalf of London Stock Exchange, issuing Legal Entity Identifiers (LEI) globally. With upcoming regulation, such as MiFID II, the number of new LEIs required for reporting will increase exponentially.  In order to help our clients manage this increase in volumes we have built an LEI Data Management Tool that takes the burden out of the process.

Reduce operational burden

Take the effort out of identifying which of your funds need an LEI

The LEI Data Management Tool uses advanced matching logic to show you which of your or your client’s funds and entities already have an LEI, when compared against the GLEIF central database.  We will display your exact matches, suggested matches and those that have no match.

A flexible platform that lets you work in a way that suits you

You can either load in the data in our specified format, or use the Rules Engine to collect the information from your source data in any format, including Excel, FpML, CSV, CpML and fixed width.

Automate your bulk LEI application process

For any of your own funds or entities that don’t yet have an LEI, you can apply and manage the process directly through the platform, uploading supporting documentation via the platform.

Manage the LEI process in one place

Completeness checks to identify missing data

The tool provides a completeness check for each of your new LEIs so you can identify what missing data you need to remedy before application.

Bespoke database to manage your LEI updates and renewals

Once you have all of your LEIs registered, the tool works as a useful graphic interface to manage renewals, updates and any new applications you need.

Enrich your own data

Clients can take a feed from the tool to enrich your own reference data with the most up to date source.

Monitor Key Clients and Market changes 

Identify when clients have invalid or lapsed LEIs

The tool allows you to be automatically notified when LEIs for a client are changed or updated, so you know you always have access to the up to date data.

Be notified of a client's growing business

Our watchlist tool allows you to be notified when a company adds new funds or businesses. You can even identify new entrants into the market.


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