SEDOL Masterfile - Security type & event changes

SEDOL Masterfile - Security type & event changes

SEDOL Masterfile is excited to announce that we have added new Security Types to our dataset.

Following feedback received from our users and to bring our offering inline with the industry we have increased our security type categories from 49 to 83.

As the financial markets further evolves its offering to meet the industry it services, this enhancement allows securities to categorise instruments more aligned to the product.

How does this affect me?

If you subscribe to our SEDOL Masterfile Datafeed you will note that over time, existing and new SEDOL codes will be re-categorised in keeping with the new schema most fitting the asset type for the security.

From 29th September customers who log into our User Interface to look up and create SEDOL codes at will notice increased filter options under the security type drop down.

You can find a complete list of the new values on our website here within the SEDOL Masterfile Dictionary section.  Security Type and Security Event changes have been updated.

If you have any queries, please email