LSEG is committed to utilising resources in ways that ensure the long-term sustainability and profitability of the business and that benefit the environment. The Group’s primary environmental impacts arise from our offices and data centres that host nearly 5,000 employees around the world, from staff travel and, indirectly, from our supply chain.

The reporting period was the Group’s fourth year of setting and reporting against environmental targets. We have achieved our aims for 2017, and have now set long-term science-based targets. Highlights are outlined below, and full details are available on pages 33-36 of our 2017 CS Report. Our carbon emissions in 2017 are verified externally, which you can download the full verification statement here.

Our environmental performance

During the reporting period, we achieved a 31% reduction in our absolute carbon footprint and a 42% reduction in Carbon Emissions per Full Time Employee (FTE), accelerating our progress from previous years. This significant reduction is primarily attributed to our move to 64% of the Group’s electricity now being provided by natural renewable energy.

We also implemented and received accreditation for our ISO 14001 Environmental Management System by a UKAS accredited body. The system initially covers the UK property portfolio and we are assessing expansion to cover further locations.

In 2017, we also set new long-term, science-based targets (see page 33 of our 2017 CS Report for further details).

2018 Targets

We have set ongoing targets for all of our impact areas for 2018 compared to 2017, alongside our new long-term science-based targets. We are aware of the risks and opportunities for our business arising from climate change, and have developed measures to address them. We will actively monitor these changes so we can adapt and respond as necessary. Direct climate change costs for the Group arise from the carbon tax associated with the UK CRC Energy Efficiency scheme.