Upgrading from Eikon to LSEG Workspace

Pre Upgrade

Understand the benefits of moving from Eikon to LSEG Workspace, our new workflow solution.
Why upgrade
Join an instructor-led class to understand the benefits of upgrading and have your questions addressed.

During Upgrade

Onboard to LSEG Workspace
Understand how to sign-in, transfer your saved data and layouts into Workspace and gain assistance from our upgrade support team.
Excel Support
Check if the formulae in your files are compatible with LSEG Workspace and learn how to get help from our Financial Modelling and Conversion Team.
Datastream Support
Understand the steps you need to take in order to migrate Eikon Datastream for Office (DFO) spreadsheets to LSEG Workspace.
API Support
Guidance to help you asses any changes you may need to make to programmatic (API) workflows as part of your upgrade to Workspace.

Post Upgrade

Asset Management
Experience a flexible solution that aggregates industry data, provide proprietary analytics, research and portfolio management tools.
Learn how to leverage various solutions for pre-trade analytics, market monitoring, trade execution and market leading news.
Investment Banking
Stay ahead of the markets at all times, power your pitches and structure better deals.
Wealth Management
Explore a highly customisable, client-centric solution for a unique and efficient advisor workflow.
Access trusted, real-world market data, news and statistics that power the global financial community, so you can advance applied learning on and off campus.
Leverage various solutions to monitor markets, stay abreast of impacting news, utilize charting for fundamental analysis as well creating Excel reports.


LSEG Workspace FAQs
We’ve developed a series of short videos to address the most commonly asked questions from LSEG Workspace customers.
Other support
Are you experiencing any issues requiring further support? If so, contact our support team available 24/7.