Learn LSEG Eikon for FX Trading

Getting started
Discover the available features and helpful apps for new users.
FX Pre-trade/Price Discovery
Leverage apps to gain insight on market drivers and trends before trade execution.
FX Spot/Forward price monitoring
Explore the most relevant capabilities and Eikon calculators for Spot FX and Forwards.
FX Trading Excel Add-on
Get real-time quotes and historic prices with formulae, syntax, and FX Excel templates.
FX Options
Discover popular FX option calculators in pricing and analysing volatility.
Using FXAll in Eikon
Utilize the FXall RFQ trading capabilities and portfolio/risk management tools.
APIs and Platform Services
Use Workspace in an open desktop environment via cloud-based Data & Analytic APIs.
Technical Analysis
Explore chart construction, technical indicators, and back-testing strategies.