Learn LSEG World-Check One

Getting started with World-Check One
Understand World-Check Datasets, General Setup, Managing Cases.
Multiple Name Screening, OGS & Bulk Actions
Explore multi-name and ongoing screening features.
Best Practises for reducing False Positives
Learn to customize World Check One to Reduce False Positives.
Reports & Analytics
Access historical screening data and generate reports for auditing purposes.
What Administrators need to Know
Best Practises for World-Check One Administrators.
Additional Due Diligence & Screening Verification tools
Discover enhanced screening supplementary solutions available on World-Check One.
World-Check Advanced Screening Content
Explore and learn more about the most important datasets for your Sanctions, PEPs and AML and CFT screening.
Help & Support
Learn how to raise a Support ticket via MyAccount quickly and easily.