Learn LSEG Workspace for Analysts and Portfolio Managers

Getting Started
Explore key features of Workspace for the asset management workflow.
Daily Monitoring
Keep up to date with the securities in your portfolio.
Idea Generation
Screen the investable universe to find assets that match your criteria.
Investment Research
Discover our broker research, estimates and corporate events content.
Quantamental Research
Learn about our powerful, quantitative analytics tools and models.
Portfolio Management
Effectively manage, monitor, and understand your portfolios.
Macro Analysis
Discover our comprehensive macroeconomic datasets and tools.
Sustainable Investing
Gain insight into our ESG offering and metrics.
Excel Workflow
Learn how to use the Excel add-in functionality.
Learn how to retrieve and analyse data using Python or R.
Learn about Datastream's charting functionality and Excel add-in.
Technical Analysis
Explore chart construction, technical indicators, and back-testing strategies.