LSEG Workspace

Study how to access unmatched financial data, news and content coverage in a highly customised workflow experience using LSEG Workspace. 


LSEG offers a foundational certification covering core functionality within LSEG Workspace, designed to get you started. The certification allows you to demonstrate your knowledge of a product that is used widely in the industry by financial market professionals. Using our on-demand learning catalogue, you can upskill and prepare at your own pace, with a final test that is accessible online for you to self-register for and take at a time that suits you. 

This certification is free for all users of LSEG Workspace and is most recommended for students and individuals beginning careers in Investment Banking.

Our Pass Completion

Upon successful completion of a final assessment you will be issued a certificate that you can easily share with peers and future employers on Linkedin.

If you are unsuccessful,  you will have one more attempt.

Our Course Outline  

Getting Started

Learn how to navigate through LSEG Workspace, personalise your views, perform searches and access your settings.

News & Charts

Access market leading news coverage in an intuitive and highly customisable news monitor. Explore charting tools, identify trends and access analytics. 

Company Analysis

Learn how to monitor companies, their peers and perform in depth analysis.  

Industry Analysis

Keep abreast of industry activity, scan market moving information, conduct top-down analysis and perform comparisons between business sectors, geographies and portfolios to support asset allocation and idea generation. 

Data Retrieval : Microsoft Excel Tools/Office and API

Understand how to retrieve real-time, fundamental, and historical data directly through Microsoft Office tools and retrieve data via APIs for a more efficient approach. 


LSEG Workspace

Boost your knowledge and strengthen you job applications. These e-learning courses provide a self-paced, interactive way to explore different areas of finance deeply.