LSEG Sustainability Policy Recommendations

Mobilising capital for a sustainable global economy

At LSEG we believe that capital markets are a key enabler to solve the sustainability challenges that society faces globally. In this light, we have a leading role in ‘shifting the trillions’ to sustainable investments.

We have set a science-based target to reach net zero by 2040, have published our Climate Transition Plan to deliver this, and shoulder our responsibility at the heart of global financial markets to provide the industry with the tools, data and access to capital required to achieve important sustainability goals.

To accelerate progress on these objectives, and the financial sector’s broader efforts to mobilise capital in line with sustainability goals, governments and regulators have an essential role. It is important that policymakers globally build on action taken so far to embed sustainability across the financial system and global economy in order to fully apply the power of capital markets.

By doing so, policymakers can help to drive growth and innovation in the global green economy, while supporting the transition across the broader economy in parallel, including traditionally carbon intensive sectors.

Mandatory sustainability disclosure rules can be critical in this regard, helping to cut transaction costs and unlocking information that the financial sector needs to drive the global transition. With the publication of the International Sustainability Standards Board’s (ISSB) final version of the first two global sustainability disclosure standards in June 2023, policymakers have a unique opportunity to facilitate significantly better availability and consistency of sustainability-related information.