Our strategic priorities

We aim to be a strategic enabler of sustainable growth by focusing on those issues where we can have the greatest impact. Our sustainability strategy has three strategic priorities underpinned by a series of objectives.

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    Decarbonising the whole global economy is critical to minimise the worst consequences of climate change. We are leveraging LSEG’s unique market position, capabilities, products and services to support a global reallocation of capital which shares the costs and benefits of reaching net zero fairly between, and within, countries.

    • Transition capital: Enable more companies and issuers to access the capital needed to finance the transition to a low-carbon economy and enable investors to build transition-aligned portfolios.
    • Data and disclosure: Improve transparency and understanding of environmental, social and financial risks associated with the transition by promoting clear, comparable and comprehensive data, analytical tools and research to inform investment decision-making, deeper engagement between companies and investors and market-wide collaboration.
    • LSEG Net Zero: Fulfil our commitment to the UN Race to Zero to reduce LSEG’s carbon emissions by 50% by 2030 and reach net zero by 2040.
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    • Green finance: Provide the market infrastructure to support the growth in green capital channelled towards sustainability solutions, clean growth and sustainable economic activity.
    • Research: Leverage our research capabilities to support the growth of the green economy.
    • Engagement: Promote and support market collaboration, innovation and public policy to scale green economic growth globally.
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    • Inclusive culture: Embed an inclusive culture at LSEG that values diverse perspectives and embraces diversity of every kind.
    • Inclusive markets: Use our central position within global capital markets to promote inclusion within companies, industry and society more widely through market collaboration, research and greater disclosure.
    • Economic empowerment: Support socio-economic equality and economic empowerment to enable people to access education, employment and enterprise opportunities to build a secure future.
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