UnaVista Sanctions Screening Solution

Protect your company’s reputation in a rapidly changing sanctions environment.

Enhanced UnaVista technology powered by Refinitiv™ World-Check® data

Investment firms in the UK and EEA have obligations under MiFIR to monitor potential and existing counterparties for sanctions. Ongoing geopolitical events continue to impact firms’ approach to sanctions screening, with more frequent sanctions reviews, changes in AML standards and practices, and removal of a growing number of sanctioned counterparties.

Built on UnaVista’s enhanced technology and powered by global sanctions data from Refinitiv™ World-Check®, UnaVista’s Sanctions Screening solution ensures the MiFIR data sent to your regulator is checked and validated against your sanctions screening process.

Today, the Sanctions Screening solution is available to existing UnaVista MiFIR clients.


Protect your company’s reputation and avoid potential sanctions

Enhance your counterparty screening automation, increase efficiency and reduce costs

Gain confidence in the accuracy of your regulatory reporting

Features and capabilities

By integrating Refinitiv™ World-Check® sanctions screening data, UnaVista’s Sanctions Screening solution delivers alerts with fewer false positives, an audit trail, and actionable information to help update counterparty lists.

After cross-referencing the “non-natural legal person” counterparty details on a transaction report with the global sanctions data from Refinitiv™ World-Check®, UnaVista’s Sanctions Screening solution automatically flags transaction reports by identifying counterparties with whom you might be prohibited from doing business.

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With years of industry expertise and trusted data accuracy, UnaVista delivers insights that innovate your operations, so regulation is no longer a hindrance – it’s an opportunity. Turn reactive into proactive – get ahead of regulations and upskill your teams through access to our products and services.

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