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Global parental leave: supporting family time

Erica Bourne

Chief People Officer
  • LSEG’s People team prioritises listening to colleagues and enhancing support systems to remove barriers, with a particular focus on assisting colleagues during key life moments like becoming parents.
  • LSEG is introducing a global minimum standard of 26 weeks of fully paid parental leave for all parents, when they welcome a child  wherever they are in the world, however they might be growing their family.
  • LSEG recognises the importance of supporting employees through significant life events beyond parenthood, emphasising our commitment to well-being, equity, and inclusion.

Our People team spends a great deal of time listening to our colleagues and exploring what we can do to better support their success. One of the things we hear from our colleagues and from industry studies is how effective support when colleagues become parents - whether for first time or when they grow their family - can help lower the barriers they face at this key life moment.

For me, becoming a parent has been an incredible source of joy, but it comes with its fair share of challenges. As a new Mum I remember how crucial it was to feel supported during those early parenting months, and how this helped me then return to the workplace.

This is why I’m incredibly proud of LSEG’s most recent commitment to our colleagues, with the announcement that we will be introducing a global minimum standard of 26 weeks of fully paid parental leave for all parents at LSEG when they welcome a child to their family – wherever they are in the world, however they might be growing their family. This isn’t just an acknowledgment of the importance of family; it embraces the diverse paths that bring families together. We take immense pride in offering this benefit, and doing so in a way which is truly global and inclusive: it’s a signal to all our colleagues that we recognise the challenges parents face, and that we want to help.

Alongside leave, we want to smooth the transition back to work. We’ll be introducing a comprehensive support system including additional leave for parents whose children require neonatal care and an eight-week phased return to work. We’re also providing detailed guides for both leaders and colleagues, designed to navigate the intricacies of preparing for leave, enjoying crucial bonding time and seamlessly transitioning back to work. In a world where the availability and quality of leave policies and care services vary, we are proud to invest in our people, laying the foundation for a workplace where well-being, equity and inclusion are paramount.

Last year we also announced a range of non-parental enhanced leave options, including bereavement, carers and transitioning, where local laws permit. These leaves are in place for our people to feel supported through some of life’s biggest moments. 

Successful companies recognise that investing in their people is not just the right thing to do for individuals but also fosters a high-performance culture where colleagues can thrive throughout their careers. I am thrilled to be part of an organisation that values and supports colleagues through these life experiences, globally.  

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