June 05, 2024

Fixed Income Insights - June 2024

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Treasuries await Fed, but signs of slower growth

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A de-synchronised easing cycle may start in June, with the ECB signalling a likely easing move, even if the Fed is some months from easing. This looks like a long, flat, U-shaped easing cycle, suggesting trading ranges persist on government bonds. Credit is still in a sweet spot, but spreads are getting tight.

Key highlights:

  • Macro and policy backdrop – Less synchronised easing cycles ahead
  • Yields, curves and spreads – Markets rally on inflation and front-run policy easing
  • Credit and MBS analysis – Freddie moves to revive secondary mortgage market
  • High yield credit analysis – Tight spreads beginning to impact HY credits?
  • SI sovereign bond analysis – SI outperformance in 2024 partially reverses 2022-23
  • Performance – Longer duration governments and linkers rallied, IG credit outperformed HY 

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