April 4, 2023

Fixed Income Insights - April 2023

Monthly Report

Banking woes drive reassessment of duration risk and Fed policy

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The disconnect between market expectations on Fed rates and the dot plots has re-opened, despite the Fed downplaying systemic risks. Banking strains suggest tighter financial conditions than widely perceived. The wipe-out of AT1 bondholders in Credit Suisse signals the risks inherent in deeply subordinated bank debt.

Key highlights:

  • Growth and inflation expectations – Market focus shifts to “too much tightening, too late”
  • Yields, curves and spreads – Extent of curve inversion declined as 2-year yields fell sharply, bank spreads widened
  • Performance – Safe havens and duration dominate returns in March and Q1 as banking shock unfolds
  • Sovereign and climate bonds – “Greenium” more evident again in long climate-WGBI after March rally

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