FTSE Venture Capital Indices

Comprehensive Venture Capital Index access via innovative proprietary datasets.

Why choose Venture Capital Indices?

Measuring the performance of US venture capital based on private company valuations, our venture capital index series consists of:

  • FTSE Venture Capital (VC) Research Index - a comprehensive and highly representative indicator of the US venture capital industry
  • FTSE Venture Capital (VC) Index - a powerful investable index replicating the performance of the FTSE VC Research Index using liquid public securities.

Features & benefits

What you get with Venture Capital Indices



The first investable venture capital indices providing access to venture capital returns for investors who ordinarily don’t have access.


Access to venture capital

Track the performance of the US venture capital industry through an aggregation of venture-funded private company values.


Robust methodology

Developed through a close partnership with ourselves, DSC Quantitative Group, and academic advisors.

How it works

Venture Capital Indices in more detail

Our FTSE Venture Capital Index

The index replicates the performance of our FTSE Venture Capital Research Index through a combination of liquid, publicly listed assets.

These publicly traded assets are allocated across seven sector indices, each representing a different sector in which US venture capitalists invest.

FTSE Venture Capital Research Index

Tracks the performance of the US venture capital industry through a comprehensive aggregation of venture funded private company values. The index is market cap weighted and published quarterly.

Index announcements

Stay up-to-date and read the latest index change notices and announcements.

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