Smart Indices

Institutional-style investment strategies to transform your smart beta fund ideas.

Why choose Smart Indices?

Work with us, and leverage proprietary and premium content to transform and safekeep your smart beta fund ideas into a suite of unique, rules-based quantitative indices. We help you issue products that serve your clients’ needs and outperform core holdings in beta indices.

Clients work with us to create such Smart Indices as:

Fundamental - The Smart Indices family includes variations that draw upon research-based strategies. Fundamental data include company financials, qualitative ratings, country of risk, broker forecasts, industry, and technical characteristics.

Predictive stock selection - Academically pure risk premia factors (such as volatility, momentum, and well-regarded StarMine models; tracking analyst revisions; earnings quality; and intrinsic value) enable our indices to express non-traditional investment hypotheses.

Replication and cross-asset - Our indexation expertise is evident in innovative tools that apply structural overlays to add leverage, currency hedges, and short-selling factors to emergent investment areas and synthetically modelled combinations of traditional assets.

One provider to meet all your needs

Fully in-house sourcing, calculation, maintenance and distribution operations, lowers cost and complexity. Our specialised research team advises on and conducts stringent validation and rules development to insure that each index meets the highest standards.

Global distribution and round-the-clock support

Index development and support is a 5 days-24 hours service, and is available in key regions worldwide. Real-time streaming APIs, FTP sites and global information networks deliver our index data. We have a global distribution network delivering critical news, information and analytics to the financial community – enabling transactions and connecting communities of trading, investing, financial and corporate professionals.

Features & benefits

What you get with Smart Indices


Our exclusive content sources

I/B/E/S Estimates, StarMine analytics, Fundamentals, ESG, Economic Indicators, News Sentiment, and more.


A wide range of weighting schemes

Construction and weighting on strategies beyond common market capitalization, using back-tested institutional-quality models.


Risk management flexibility

Tilt risk/return profiles with indices designed for enhanced return, based on combinations of constituents and factors.


Unparalleled content

Our indices experts leverage a wealth of proprietary content and comprehensive market data to develop Smart Indices.


Proven calculation engine

We have been providers of cost-efficient and reliable calculation services to third-party index manufacturers for decades


Highest ethical standards

Our Trust Principles have ensured the highest ethical standards across all of our businesses, services and products since 1941.

How it works

Smart index services

We offer a wide range of passive investment services, with ownership, branding, and design options for existing or planned indices, all on a single platform.

Index Calculation Services

  • End-of-day or real-time calculation and distribution of indices, including monitoring and maintenance of corporate actions
  • Securities selection and administration services
  • Selection of constituents and weights at rebalance periods according to systematic rules

Index Governance Services in conjunction with Calculation Services

  • IOSCO-adherent frameworks and policies for administrators and calculation agents
  • Maintenance of index methodologies
  • Implementation of best practices, developed for the governance of regulated benchmarks

Distribution and licensing services

  • Licensing of indices to ensure protection of your intellectual property and revenue streams
  • Delivery across our global distribution network
Index announcements

Stay up-to-date and read the latest index change notices and announcements.

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