FR Equity Indices

Covering over 10,000 stocks from 51 markets, broken down into different countries, regions, and sectors.

The FR Equity indices are a legacy Refinitiv index family that allows you to analyse and compare developed, emerging, and select frontier markets at varying levels of granularity. Sector indices are based on The Reference Data Business Classification (TRBC).

Features & benefits

What you get with Smart Indices


Broad market coverage

Representative of each market, ideal starting point for customisation. Includes large-, mid-, small-, and certain micro-caps.


Simple fees-based structure

Structure based on index usage, no additional fees for public index display.


Transparent, rules-based methodology

Applied through all countries, regions, and sectors. Has the ability to perform fair comparisons between equity markets.


Free-float market weighting methodology

Correlated performance to well-known indices.


Real-time and end-of-day indices

Ability to launch listed investment or trading products tracking real time indices. 


Sector indices

Available at 4 levels of granularity per country or region. Track and benchmark niche industries and global sectoral movements.

Index announcements

Stay up-to-date and read the latest index change notices and announcements.

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