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Meet rapidly changing investor needs and deliver an advanced digital experience, while differentiating from the competition, with our market-leading data, insights and technology. 

Retail investor expectations are constantly changing. Whatever their circumstances, preferences or aspirations, like most other areas of their life, they are looking for a seamless and personalised experience. The growth of millennial and younger investors, coupled with the acceleration of digitalisation, has led to greater demand for a digital first approach to wealth management.

Continued fee compression and the demand for a digital-first approach has been the perfect opportunity for robo-advisors to flourish. Robo-advisors are challenging traditional wealth management solutions by providing cost-effective and efficient automated investment solutions. The growing robo-advised market also means competition is strong and firms will need to ensure they differentiate themselves by continuing to innovate and deliver a seamless digital experience.

What are robo-advisors?

Robo-advisors provide financial advice and investment management through an online or digital channel with little to no human intervention. 

These online services make it easier for investors to start planning for their financial goals by providing investment advice at low cost and with low or no-account minimums. Low fees and account minimums, combined with the fully digital nature of robo-advisors lets people start investing almost immediately, sometimes within minutes. 

Robo-advisors — also known as automated investing services — use computer algorithms and advanced software to build and manage investment portfolios. Services range from risk profiling, advice and asset allocation to automatic rebalancing and monitoring. The best robo-advisors offer a seamless investing experience that is easy and secure.

70% of Millennials use mobile apps to access their account information and manage their investments

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Our solution

Deliver the digital experience that empowers investors 

Our solutions help robo-advisors deliver the digital experience clients expect and empower them to invest with confidence. 

Differentiated content for differentiated digital experiences
Our advanced analytics, combined with unparalleled data help you filter out the noise and quickly uncover relevant insights to enhance advice for your clients.

Scalable delivery optimised for digital workflows
We provide simplified and cost-efficient delivery of our data via API or widgets, helping you create unique experiences for investors across any channel or platform. 

Digital capabilities to support development teams
Empower your development teams with tools and solutions to support rapid development and get to market faster, so you can spend more time where it matters most.


What you get with our robo-advisor solutions

Compelling experience for investors

Benefit from modern and intuitive digital experiences that align with your client segmentation and solution offerings.

Personal insights and views

Meet investor demands and provide tailored insights in the areas that matter most to them such as ESG.

Enhance new digital experiences

Speed up time to market and the development of new solutions while improving productivity and lowering cost.

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Our specialists will help identify the specific needs of your firm and how LSEG’s digital solutions for robo-advisors can help.

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