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Meet rapidly changing investor needs and deliver an advanced digital experience, while differentiating from the competition, with our market leading data, insights and technology. 

Attract, engage and retain investors with a compelling and personalised experience.

Digital capabilities in wealth are already critical and their importance will only continue to rise as firms look to meet changing investor expectations. Creating a compelling and personalised experience for investors is key to improving client retention and increasing AUM.

Online brokers, also referred to as stock brokers or discount brokers, are facing strong head winds with many players in the market and commissions shrinking. Investors are looking for an intuitive digital experience that delivers the digital capabilities, insights and analytics to make confident decisions. Online brokers that can deliver and exceed investors’ expectations will differentiate themselves and be successful.

What is an online broker?

An online broker performs the same liaison duties as a brick and mortar broker, but they never see their clients face to face and perform all their duties online. In its most basic terms, the definition of an online broker is a trading provider who offers access to a digital platform, to help their clients buy, sell, and trade stocks.

Choosing an online broker can be difficult due to the wide variety of choices available. While competition has pushed many brokers to offer their services on a no-fee basis for commonly traded assets, investors evaluating these platforms will still find major differences in the usability, trading technology and account features.

29% of Millennials are willing to switch providers due to digital capabilities

Our solution

Deliver the digital experience that empowers investors 

Our solutions help online brokers deliver the digital experience clients expect and empower them to invest with confidence.

Differentiated content for differentiated digital experiences
Our advanced analytics, combined with unparalleled data help you filter out the noise and quickly uncover relevant insights to enhance advice for your clients.

Scalable delivery optimised for digital workflows
We provide simplified, cost-efficient and flexible delivery mechanisms of our data via API or widgets, helping you create unique experiences for investors across any channel or platform.

Digital capabilities to support development teams
Empower your development teams with tools and solutions to support rapid development and get to market faster, so you can spend more time where it matters most.

Data solutions to power your investor portals


What you get with our online broker solutions

Compelling experience for investors

Benefit from modern and intuitive digital experiences that align with your client segmentation and solution offerings.

Personal insights and views

Meet investor demands and provide tailored insights in the areas that matter most to them such as ESG.

Enhance new digital experiences

Speed up time to market and the development of new solutions while improving productivity and lowering cost.

Connect with our specialists

Our specialists will help identify the specific needs of your firm and how LSEG’s digital solutions for online brokers can help.

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