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World Bureau of Metal Statistics

Market leading data on metal trade flows, supply, and demand.


Reliable data to support your trading decisions

Support your trading decisions and analysis of the metals markets with authoritative data from LSEG WBMS.

Dig into precious and ferrous metals production, consumption and trade, dating back more than 30 years and listed on a county-by-country basis. 

Chart LSEG WBMS data in our desktop, mobile, download to Excel and view alongside LSEG metals research. LSEG’s combination of pricing and fundamentals data offers a complete view of the metals market.

WBMS complements LSEG’s mine data, ESG metrics and pricing, enabling LSEG to offer our customers a broad dataset that gives them context to the market’s dynamic trading patterns.

A screenshot showing key metals supply and demand data

Key metals supply and demand data

A screenshot showing China data at a glance

China data at a glance


How LSEG WBMS data can benefit you


Be the first to see emerging market trends


Understand changing patterns in global metals trade


Track activity at the world’s largest consumer of metals


Integrate LSEG WBMS data into your scenario analysis

Our solution

About LSEG WBMS data

LSEG bought WBMS in June 2022 as part of our commitment to expanding data available to the metals markets.

Our analysts gather information from a pool of resources, including companies, governments and national customs authorities.

Taking production data and trade flows into account, we calculate apparent consumption and current market balances. 

Our coverage includes the following metals: Aluminium, Alumina, Bauxite, Copper, Lead, Zinc, Nickel, Tin, Gold, Silver, Antimony, Cadmium, Molybdenum, Cobalt, Iron Ore, Stainless Steel and Crude Steel.

Data is visualised in Eikon and Workspace and available for customers to download or extract through our API.

A screenshot showing charting trends back to the 1990s

Charting trends back to the 1990s

Use Cases

-          Analysis of short, medium- and long-term trends

-          Benchmarking of in-house analysis

-          Supply and demand, price forecasting

-          Project evaluation

-          Reporting and presentations 

Break out data by key regions

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LSEG provides clarity across complex metals markets with high-quality data, unparalleled insight from our experts and exclusive Reuters news. From sourcing and mining to pricing and delivery, leverage our flexible solutions to make more informed decisions.

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