Sustainability Intelligence

Empowering the corporate sustainability and climate transition journey

Companies and financial institutions face increased pressure to measure, manage and report their carbon emissions and exposure to climate and sustainability risks, including in their value chains. This is driven by changing investor demands, emerging regulatory requirements and evolving customer behaviour.

LSEG‘s Sustainability Intelligence platform is designed to provide banks, stock exchanges and corporates with scalable tools to streamline the climate and ESG reporting process and increase transparency and the availability of material data to stakeholders including capital providers.

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Sustainable Growth

Using Sustainability Intelligence

Stock Exchanges

Sustainability Intelligence is designed to help stock exchanges empower listed corporates and their suppliers to navigate regulation and best practices in climate reporting. This includes the implementation of global baselines for sustainability reporting and disclosure through guided, user-friendly tools which can be accessed by users across different business functions. Sustainability Intelligence helps stock exchanges to provide the tools for listed companies to set, plan for and meet their climate goals.


Banks and capital providers are looking in detail at their financed emissions to understand climate risk exposure in portfolios and loan books. At the same time, banks are stepping up engagement and capacity building with commercial clients to help them navigate decarbonisation strategies. Sustainability Intelligence is designed to enable banks to engage effectively with corporate clients on their climate transition journey and the platform provides tools and dashboards to create an optimal, modular, interconnected user experience.

Procurement Teams

Procurement and sustainability teams face technical challenges in mapping supply chain climate risk and reporting effectively across the full extent of their climate exposure. This includes understanding and taking action on their Scope 3 emissions. Through the platform’s supplier engagement capabilities, Sustainability Intelligence drives constructive corporate engagement, providing tools, dashboards and training for suppliers to help facilitate the provision of accurate emissions data.

Sustainability Intelligence in action

Sustainability Intelligence, developed by LSEG and delivered via banks, stock exchanges and other partners, provides the key building blocks to enable companies to understand and disclose their data and take action to mitigate climate risk exposure.

Climate and sustainability disclosure and reporting

Aligned to leading frameworks (including ISSB, TCFD and GRI) to standardise data collection and analysis, the platform offers guided reporting and the ability to download and extract data and share with relevant stakeholders.

Greenhouse gas emissions calculators

Set a baseline, monitor emissions and track decarbonisation efforts via the GHG Emissions Calculators. The tool allows you to build and visualise a comprehensive understanding of Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, which helps to identify emissions hotspots in the value chain.

Value chain and supplier engagement

The tool’s supplier engagement capabilities allow you to further analyse Scope 3 emissions so that you can engage with suppliers with the highest carbon footprint and work with them to gather additional data, set targets and monitor progress.

Industry drivers

  • Providers of capital are scrutinising companies' sustainability credentials. Investors and banks are increasingly incorporating sustainability considerations in their investment allocation, risk management and compliance decisions.
  • Corporates are responding by setting net-zero and other sustainability targets. Companies are changing their business models to address stakeholder demands, respond to changing regulation and demanding transparency and action from their suppliers.
  • Governments and frontline regulators are mandating greater transparency on sustainability. Policy makers and stock exchanges are moving towards implementing standardised global frameworks as well as regional requirements across jurisdictions.

LSEG Sustainability Intelligence brings together interconnected stakeholders, serving as a common language and framework enabling transparency, accountability, and collaboration among exchanges, banks and corporates.

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