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Yield Book Boost

Yield Book Boost offers more calculations in less time.

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Overview of Yield Book Boost

Leveraging multiple threads to accelerate calculation speed allows time-sensitive projects to be completed quickly and deadlines to be met. 


Portfolio analytics in a fraction of the time

Performance increase *

Accelerate portfolio calculations

Speed up calculation time using Yield Book boost licenses.

Performance increase

Calculating partial durations for a portfolio of 250 pass-through mortgages

Critical analytics delivered faster

Yield Book boost reduces the time needed for calculations such as projected partial durations, risk sensitivities, scenario analysis, cash flows, return attribution, tracking error and value-at-risk..

4x Boost vs. No Boost *

Yield Book Boost power boosting option

Yield Book Boost Option *

Live or automated

Yield Book boost works both interactively and via automation (batch processing).

* Screenshots are sourced from Yield Book. For illustrative purposes only.

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