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Sustainable finance quarterly reviews

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The most comprehensive view of sustainable financing and advisory activity around the world with a dual focus on an emerging company coverage group and the sustainable products and structures driving innovation in the global capital markets.

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We capture the full sustainable finance landscape covering: 

  • deals related to sustainability - includes social bonds and sustainability linked bonds or loans;
  • use of proceeds/Sustainable proceeds - bonds where a proportion of proceeds are being used for sustainable outcomes;
  • capital raising or deal making in sustainable industries - powered by our industry-leading business categories, companies or government bodies raising capital or making acquisitions in an industry where operations are classified as sustainable;
  • Green Bonds bond market analysis and league tables, in partnership with CBI.

This Sustainable Finance report captures the total capital being raised and deal making activity - which supports sustainable outcomes and is the most comprehensive review in the industry.

The report is an extensive resource available for sustainable financing activities and underwriting and advisory market share and will be updated each quarter.  As the market matures we will continue to develop the review to incorporate the evolution in the space.