Cloud-based analytics environment

Tick History Workbench

We take the hassle out of working with market data by streamlining data management and enabling you to focus directly on data analysis.

Making the complex simple

Using standard tools and our Springboards, Tick History Workbench enables you to focus entirely on analysing market microstructure, trading strategies or execution quality.

Tick History Workbench includes SQL access to LSEG’s Tick History – PCAP with 20+ petabytes of data including Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 data feeds across exchanges world-wide. You and your team will be powered by the highest quality top-of-book and depth-of-book data.

Features & benefits

Functionality to query and visualise capital markets data using tools you already know

Ad-hoc analyses and batch jobs

Leverage our orchestration environment and choose when and how to perform analyses.

Dashboards & Visualisations

Use Python and R and leverage pre-configured Jupyter® notebooks to generate dashboards and 3D visualizations.


Create advanced queries faster with our Springboards, interactive examples of code, queries, and other tools in Jupyter/SQL with supporting documentation and walkthroughs.

Integrated analysis

Benefit from SQL-based integration with LSEG’s Tick History – PCAP via editor with autocomplete and result export.

Optimized cluster parallelisation

Achieve performance objectives with optimized cluster parallelisation. Our Dask-based cloud execution platform allows users to execute ad-hoc or scheduled Python code distributed across a custom number of processing node.

Cloud security

Turnkey deployed instances from Workbench Launcher, secured via Cognito SSO. Alternate deployment option within a client’s cloud to leverage existing security protocols.

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