Taking advantage of AI in the financial industry

Using the power of LLMs, Autonomous Agents respond and act on their environment by creating, executing, and prioritizing tasks.

With Autonomous Agents showing promise in enabling LLMs to access existing data and analytics, this is becoming increasingly appealing given the variety of tools already being used to solve for complex tasks.

This paper examines the upside of Agents which remains compelling and will likely be advantageous when building AI applications in financial services.

We look at the applications using Agents, the several types that are now available and apply a ‘Plan-and-Solve Agent’ to a task relevant to the financial industry to demonstrate its ability to retrieve information about a company from a variety of sources.

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David Oliver - Director, Data Science, Analytics

Stanislav Chistyakov – Data Scientist, Analytics

Aran Batth – AI Product Strategy Lead, Analytics

Octavian Ceban – Data Scientist, Analytics

Will Cruse – Software Engineer, Analytics